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Custom built network support & maintenance

CoverActive’s Partner + custom built support and maintenance solutions are every bit as unique as the individual clients we support. So whether you’re looking to fully outsource your network management or only require specialist expertise to support a small area, you can rest assured there’s a managed or co-managed solution to fulfil every aspect of your support and maintenance requirements.

As the name suggests, the CA Partner + approach is driven by a firm commitment to long-term partnership. We have never seen this as being merely a hollow mission statement and instead believe it to be a commercial imperative, that our experience shows continually delivers increased performance and value to both partners.

This means we invest heavily in our relationships from the outset to ensure we quickly earn the trust and respect necessary to become regarded by our clients as a specialist and valued member of their team.

Preliminary network audit

Our commitment to partnership is evident from the start offering as we do a complementary network audit to all new and prospective clients. We then use the results of this audit to not only refine our solution but also to proactively demonstrate how we can add value. It’s therefore not unusual to see a post-audit solution evolving to offer greater efficiency and in doing so also reducing costs. Such underlines our commitment to long-term partnership which always comes before any opportunistic short term gain.

CoverActive Partner +

A service with proactivity and pragmatism

We are continually working towards better improving our understanding of not only every aspect of your IT but equally importantly our appreciation of the organisation itself. In doing so it enables us to become more proactive and pragmatic in our support. Combine this with Trinito’s philosophy of always putting people before technology, and you have a service that is refreshingly personable and equally practical. Like network optimisation, exceptional service can only be delivered by continually monitoring and reviewing our performance, this ensures we always deliver your SLA and go further to exceed your expectations. We are always keen to use client feedback to refine our approach and establish best practice polices. Doing this means we’re able to play an active part in helping all our clients and their organisations achieve better performance.
Primary support and case management :

Example managed or co-managed services

Service area examples :

  • Network monitoring with proactive maintenance
  • Permanent onsite support team
  • Escalated case and scheduled onsite support
  • Onsite and remote engineering
  • Continuity plan delivery
  • Security monitoring and penetration testing
  • Advance and brake fix level hardware replacement
  • Temporary technical cover for staff holiday and absence
  • Short contracts are available for events and projects

Technology & software coverage

CA Partner+ offers a complete support solution for everything from high specification routing and switching to software configurations and the day to day demands of desktop and mobile computing. We also offer extensive support for virtualization and the rapidly evolving world of cloud based services.

Our technical support team and network of field engineers are just as adept at supporting complex technical problems as they are in assisting employees who aren’t particularly tech literate. The objective remains the same: to minimise downtime, optimise the network and in doing so allow you to focus on achieving your organisational goals.

While some of our managed solutions do offer a completely outsourced IT resource with a permanent presence at a client’s office(s) it is fair to say that the majority of CA Partner + contracts are supported via our 24/7 365 CoverActive support centres and extensive network of local field engineers.

Our support centres always provide the primary point of contact as the majority of the cases only require telephone or online assistance to resolve the problem. Secure connectivity is also used extensively to diagnose and solve problems remotely.

Should your organisation have a security policy that isn’t compatible with remote connectivity we can offer onsite support as needed through our network of field engineers. The same team are also responsible for advance hardware replacement options requiring engineering (support and installation) which means we are able to offer onsite support within two hours or less for most locations.*

CoverActive Partner +

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