Company Overview

Welcome to Trinito

Trinito’s overriding goal is simple: ‘to become our clients’ trusted technology partner and be regarded as specialist member of their team’. To realise this we strive to deliver best in class solutions across every aspect of our 360° offering and always look to prove ourselves by demonstrating our ability to create specialist value. At Trinito we believe in investing heavily in our client relationships, as doing so ensures we better understand their individuality. This commitment pays dividends as we are then able to leverage this individual understanding along with our own expertise to create a unique technological advantage for every organisation we work with.

What We're All About

Trinito’s clients are always at the centre of everything we do and as such we have organised our whole business to reflect this. It’s why every account, regardless of size, is assigned its own Relationship Manager (or relationship team for larger organisations) and also why we actively match their skills and experience to best complement the organisations that they are supporting.

Our team of Relationship Managers offer clients a personalised link to Trinito’s full range of services and solutions. They also provide quick access to the right specialist knowledge and expertise and offer a single contact point for everything from accounting and project management to ordering and quoting. After all, we value our clients so why waste their time pushing them from one department to the next.

Integrated partnership in action

Although fully integrated there are in fact three distinct parts to Trinito’s resources (as illustrated). What actively brings everything together is our clients’ needs and objectives, providing as they do a collective goal and focus under the direction of their Relationship Manager. Combine this with our knowledge sharing culture and commitment to best practice, and our customers have partner who is every bit capable of ‘making IT better’.

Knowledge & Experience

Stay on top in a world of rapidly changing technology

The challenge of keeping pace with technological change is very significant especially when this expertise represents such a large part of our business. In order to rise to the challenge we’ve created our own internal knowledge network where every team member (consulting and engineering) also serves as a member of a specialist knowledge group.

Their purpose is to develop and lead Trinito’s thinking in a specialist area of technology. We then bring all these knowledge groups together on a regular basis to share their expertise, challenge concepts, broaden awareness and guide training requirements. This also creates an important opportunity to highlight individual expertise for the client relationship team to draw upon. As one of our knowledge group focuses purely on changing organisational and commercial practices it plays a significant role in grounding our technological thinking and focuses it towards always assisting organisations in a pragmatic and practical way.

Designed for every technological need

Trinito’s portfolio of services and solutions are designed to offer our clients an end-to-end solution for all their IT requirements. This means we are able to offer everything from the initial consultancy requirements and project planning to every aspect of procurement, implementation and subsequent support. Where possible and especially in the areas of procurement and support, we aim to offer online resources via our website.

To many of our clients (varying in size and sector) we are their sole IT partner delivering the full 360° service. However we equally work with many organisations who see us as a specialist partner in one or more areas and also those who have a one off requirement. The same level of commitment and support is however delivered to all of our clients as is our dedication to delivering specialist value. Beyond our core offering we offer specialist services in the training and programming / online arenas. Both specialist units are completely integrated into Trinito’s operations and also complement our core offering particularly well.

360° Solutions & Services

Support & Continuity

Delivering dedicated and impartial support

Trinito offers a wide range of support, maintenance and continuity solutions to help cover everything from individual devices to whole networks; it is even possible to completely outsource all your IT support requirements with a Trinito team available onsite.

Our solutions include vendors’ own support products like Cisco SMARTnet and HP Care Packs, or our own solution CoverActive™ with its comprehensive range of pre-packaged and custom built support services. CoverActive comes in two distinct forms, the first being ‘Core‘ which enables the support of devices individually via a pre-packaged set of configurable service options. While ‘Partner +‘ is the other, offering a wide range of fully customisable services to support and maintain multiple devices, networks or even the entire IT requirements of an organisation.

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