CoverActive Core Support

For many years vendor delivered support contracts like Cisco SMARTnet or Juniper J-Care have been the only viable solutions for supporting individual network critical devices. Now CoverActive™ Core offers a real alternative to those demanding greater flexibility and value for money without wishing to compromise their service requirements.

Pre-packaged support & hardware replacement

At present CA Core is only available for Cisco and Juniper devices however other vendors are to be included in the near future. As such if you are currently looking for support for another vendor please consider Trinito’s CA Partner + solution which offers custom built support at device, network or even organisational level for over 40 vendors.

As a pre-packaged solution CA Core enables customers to effortlessly support individual devices requiring special attention due to being business/network critical or requiring specialist expertise outside of the capabilities of the organisation or its current network support provider. CA Core therefore offers a specialist provision that is equally attractive to network owners or their support providers.

Our strict confidentiality and non-compete policy ensure there are no contentious issues for support providers who wish to supplement their offering using the specialist provision that CA Core facilitates.

CoverActive Core Support