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Every web site needs an SSL/TLS Security Certificate, Trinito Secure Services provide SSL Certificates from all major Certificate Authorities. Our range of SSL Solutions starts with Positive SSL Certificates, the cost effective and professional alternative to Free SSL Certificates such as Let’s Encrypt, and extends though to Extended Validation Multi-Domain Solutions for large enterprises.

Certificate Authority Agnostic

Trinito’s high tiered partnerships with the leading Certificate Authorities enable us to purchase SSL Certificates at deep discounts which we can pass on to our Customers, and our Vendor Agnostic approach enables us to recommend the most suitable certificate for your needs.

SSL/TLS Certificates

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a Digital Key that enables encryption on a website.

As users browse your website their information passes through multiple devices on the Internet, any of those devices can become compromised which would result in your data being stolen.

SSL/TLS is used to add security to HTTP – making it HTTPS which is encrypted and private, so by switching your website from HTTP to HTTPS your users data is secured from prying eyes.

SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer, which is a global security technology that protects communications between a web site and it’s users.

To enable SSL, and convert HTTP to HTTPS an SSL/TLS Certificate, sometimes called a Digital Certificate needs to be obtained and applied to a web server, it serves 4 purposes:

What is SSL and why do you need it?

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Trinito’s clients are always at the centre of everything we do and as such we have organised our whole business to reflect this. It’s why every account, regardless of size, is assigned its own Relationship Manager (or relationship team for larger organisations) and also why we actively match their skills and experience to best complement the organisations that they are supporting.

Our team of Relationship Managers offer clients a personalised link to Trinito’s full range of services and solutions. They also provide quick access to the right specialist knowledge and expertise and offer a single contact point for everything from accounting and project management to ordering and quoting. After all, we value our clients so why waste their time pushing them from one department to the next.