Security & payment facilities

Trinito uses VeriSign™ security services to ensure you are fully protected when using our website. So regardless if you're just browsing, submitting information, or paying for orders using a credit or debit card you can rest assured that our site offers a secure and safe environment to visit, buy and share information online.

Established Trinito customers who apply for account facilities can benefit from credit terms under our credit builder and settlement via bank transfer. For new customers and those wishing to use credit or debit cards, we offer payment facilities for the cards listed below and also PayPal as an increasingly popular method of payment. Our bank details are available on request for any customer wishing to pay via bank transfer.

VeriSign protection on the website delivers the benefits listed below.
You can check Trinito's VeriSign security seal by clicking the logo to the left.

Payment options offered :

Payment Options
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