Pre-packaged support & hardware replacement

For many years vendor delivered support contracts like Cisco SMARTnet or Juniper J-Care have been the only viable solutions for supporting individual network critical devices. Now CoverActive™ Core offers a real alternative to those demanding greater flexibility and value for money without wishing to compromise their service requirements.

At present CA Core is only available for Cisco and Juniper devices however other vendors are to be included in the near future. As such if you are currently looking for support for another vendor please consider Trinito's CA Partner + solution which offers custom built support at device, network or even organisational level for over 40 vendors.

As a pre-packaged solution CA Core enables customers to effortlessly support individual devices requiring special attention due to being business/network critical or requiring specialist expertise outside of the capabilities of the organisation or its current network support provider. CA Core therefore offers a specialist provision that is equally attractive to network owners or their support providers.

Our strict confidentiality and non-compete policy ensure there are no contentious issues for support providers who wish to supplement their offering using the specialist provision that CA Core facilitates.

CA Core is available with the following service intervals for annual contracts :
Service Name Weekly cover period Service interval covered
CoverActive - Core 724 7 Days 24 Hours per day
CoverActive - Core 708 7 Days 8 Hours per day
CoverActive - Core 524 5 Days 24 Hours per day
CoverActive - Core 508 5 Days 8 Hours per day
You can then choose your support requirements from following options :

Service options (you only need select what you need - nothing more) :

  • Technical support - Via phone / Online / WebEx
  • Escalated support with on-site engineer
  • Device software
  • Hardware replacement - Delivery only
  • Hardware replacement - With engineer instillation
  • Warranty only
With one of the following timed guarantees available within your selected service interval :

For services with hardware replacement :

  • 2 Hour Guaranteed Fix
  • 4 Hour Guaranteed Fix
  • Next Business Day Guaranteed Fix

For services without hardware replacement i.e. technical support only; a fix cannot always guaranteed as the problem may relate to faulty hardware which must be replaced to fix the problem. In respect of this technical support only contracts, instead offer a 4 Hour fix or a diagnosed solution path depending on the problem.

Why use CoverActive Core?

Service Benefits :

  • Significantly cheaper than vendor support contracts
  • Multi-vendor support from a single provider
  • Guaranteed fix time after reporting your problem

  • Plus - 24/7 365 Telephone guidance and fault reporting even outside your chosen service interval*
  • Highest qualified support engineers
  • Advance hardware replacement
  • Freephone number for technical support

Quotes and buying

To buy a CoverActive Core contract or work out a price for your Cisco or Juniper device(s) please use our support calculator. The calculator makes it easy for you to configure your support requirements and match your own individual objectives. All you need to generate your quote is the manufacturer's official part number. We will also need to check the device serial number before issuing the contract but this not required for quoting or initial purchasing purposes.

Covering multiple devices

There is no limit on the number of devices that you can cover using CoverActive Core, in fact some of our clients choose to cover their entire networks using the service. It is however worth considering the custom built support services offered under the Partner + service should you require support for over 50 devices or require a solution that includes vendors other than Cisco and Juniper. A member of the CoverActive support team will be glad to provide you with a quote in these instances.

Prepaid support vouchers

There are possibly instances where you want specialist technical support or engineering services for multiple devices but don't require the timing or hardware replacement guarantees that individual CA core service contracts deliver. Here you can help yourself budget better for unforeseeable engineering support requirements by buying CoverActive support vouchers.

Vouchers are flexible to use and can save you up to 50% off the cost of standard engineering time. You may wish to have them in place as a safeguard to reduce the cost of unforeseeable engineering/support costs; plus if you don't end up using them in the twelve months (voucher valid period), you can instead use them to reduce the costs of another initiative, or even use them as credit against other items like hardware or training*.

CoverActive warranties

If you don't require any of the advance support options included in CA Core we can instead offer you the security of an extended warranty for your device providing advanced hardware replacement for broken devices*. You can buy CoverActive warranties for Cisco and Juniper devices by using our support calculator. Once again you will need the manufactures official part number for your device and also the serial number after purchasing your cover.

* For full terms and conditions please click here.

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