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In recognising the individuality of our clients and their unique requirements we wanted to go further to offer them the best possible solutions and advice available without ever being compromised by vendor or geographical limitations. There are very few if any originations that could possibly deliver this commitment, but in creating the Trinito Network we have gone further to make it a reality.

The origin of the Trinito Network

Trinito's long-term commitment to vendor neutrality means we always put our clients' objectives before our own. We believe that every solution or recommendation that we make must be the best for our client and not just reflect any potential for internal vendor bias no matter how strong our vendor resources and expertise may be.

Delivering this approach can be very challenging and requires our team to have a very wide product knowledge which goes far beyond just the vendors that we regularly use. To assist this we built an extended network of working relationships with other IT companies and individuals who were able to provide the necessary specialist input needed to suggest, asses and sometimes deliver alternative solutions from outside our own vendor portfolio.

Experience then thought us that even when we had our own internal vendor competency that accessing the extended network could still be advantageous especially in areas like pricing, product availability, necessary certification and geographic representation / delivery. For these reasons and those already stated we formalised the relationships that we had with these specialists to form the Trinito Network.

Today the Trinito Network provides far more than just the specialist internal advice where it all started. Every Trinito Network Partner now shares a formal commitment to working standards which in turn allow seamless collaboration across many of Trinito projects and offerings.

What are Trinito Network Partners?

A 'Trinito Network Partner' is a broad title covering the many different types of independent IT specialists that exist within the Trinito Network. Our Network Partners are chosen for their expertise, specialist capabilities (including vendor certifications) and finally their geographical location. The aim of the Trinito Network is to go beyond our own internal resources to provide our customers with the greatest possible breadth of specialist IT solutions and knowledge with a global reach.

It is important to note that every member of the Trinito Network has first undergone a series of checks and assessments prior to being accepted as a Trinito Network Partner. Our certification process is designed to ensure that every specialist partner can deliver their specialism within Trinito's operational framework and in doing so work to a consistent standard. To ensure this is maintained we make a continuous assessments of all our partners with a periodic recertification requirement.

Buying from a Network Partner through the trinito.com store

Just like with 'Amazon' some of the items sold on our website are supplied directly by independent companies (all of which are 'Trinito Network Partners'). When this happens the Network Partner supplying the product or service will also provide the customer (via trinito.com) with their own tax receipt (issuing a prepaid invoice) for any items that they have supplied.

This means that when paying online for any shopping on trinito.com you must firstly accept our terms and conditions which agree to any payment made to Trinito to then be disbursed on your behalf to any applicable Network Partner(s) supplying the item(s) as detailed in your shopping cart.

One reason for working this way is due to some vendors stipulating that only certain organisations accredited by that vendor can sell their products or services directly. You can however rest assured that you will still receive every aspect of your customer support directly from Trinito and that even when an item is supplied directly by a Network Partner that Trinito will continue to be your first point of contact.

Joining the Trinito Network

We are always looking to strengthen our network by developing relationships with other IT specialists who share our outlook and are equally committed to create measurable value for our clients by better understanding their organisation and marketplace to then provide the best possible IT solution.

If you are interested in becoming a Trinito Network Partner please first explore our website before contacting us to discuss what you feel you can offer. The varied nature of our clients and their geographical spread means that we not only welcome new ideas that aren't currently being provided but we equally welcome further provision to our existing offer to expand our geographical coverage and extend our specialist resources.

All members of the Trinito Network will first need to undergo a series of checks and assessments prior to being accepted as a Network Partner. Our certification process is designed to ensure that all specialist partners can deliver their specialism within Trinito's operational framework to an agreed standard. To ensure this is maintained we undertake continuous assessments and ask for periodic recertification.

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