Licensing for today, tomorrow and the future

Trinito offers a broad range of licensing services to support clients across our vendor portfolio. Our specialist knowledge and experience consistently delivers value and cost efficiency to clients negotiating the myriad of licensing configuration and billing models available. After planning we can offer competitive procurement and implementation services and also provide software management tools to help you efficiently manage your licenses. We also offer expertise to those with licensing requirements in virtualized environments and increasingly via cloud delivery.

Compliance driven license audits are commonly supported and can also prove extremely useful outside of the compliance remit to identify and reclaim ongoing licensing costs for software that is no longer actively used. Using the audit to generate an accurate picture of software usage and existing licensing entitlements can also help to identify opportunities to refocus the organisation's software resources in line with its current objectives.

Sometimes auditing can even deliver a short-term financial return by highlighting licenses that are no longer used but still have a resale or trade in value. Perhaps you would be surprised to learn that some vendors including Microsoft will actually allow some unused licenses to be resold, here as in other areas, auditing can create real value whilst providing an important foundation to long-term software management.

Integration with training services

Trinito's training resources naturally complement our software licensing capabilities providing an end-to-end solution for new software implementations. A good example of this is with Microsoft where we can offer software planning, procurement and implementation. Plus with training integrated into the offering, we are able to generate significant efficiency and cost savings which we are able to then offer to our clients.

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