Network innovation from Juniper

Juniper's ground breaking innovations in routing and the adaptability of the Junos network operating system are two of the original reasons why Trinito first partnered with Juniper. Today we offer their full portfolio of products and services through our highly skilled team of Juniper qualified engineers and consultants. Whilst Trinito have a notably strong Juniper resource our vendor neutral approach ensures that our own capabilities never dictate or influence achieving the best solutions for our clients.

Delivering the Juniper portfolio has enabled Trinito to work with a large range of verticals and develop expertise across many sectors and technologies. We have significant expertise in finance, media, retail, ISP's, government and military as well as notable success in assisting growing SMB's with their infrastructural technology requirements.

Hardware procurement and lifecycle management

Our Juniper engineering and consultancy strengths are complemented by an equally strong procurement solution; supplying new, used and refurbished Juniper equipment at extremely competitive prices. Our large hardware inventory covers not only the latest technology releases but also, and sometimes just as importantly, has many discontinued items and parts that can prove difficult to find. If you have any Juniper hardware or software requirements please contact us here for a quote.

Lifecycle management services include finance/leasing and hire provisions as well as recycling, buy-back and re-marketing for those looking to make changes to their network infrastructure while maximising the value of their now redundant assets.


Multi-vendor expertise and strong Juniper capabilities make Trinito an ideal partner for enterprise level networking integration. We have considerable experience in legacy migrations and strategic technology deployments for Juniper requirements in multi-vendor environments. This experience translates into efficiency and the long-term robustness of the deployment.

Supporting your Juniper devices

Maintenance and support solutions for Juniper hardware include Juniper's own J-Care solution and also via the independent alternative CoverActive. All used Juniper equipment sold by Trinito comes with a CoverActive warranty, with all new devices requiring continuous cover for a J-Care contract to be put into place.

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