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Trinito's 360° service offers everything you need to plan, design, procure, install and support all of your organisation's IT requirements. In delivering this proposition we regularly work with our clients' own specialist providers who implement complementary services outside of our own 360° service remit. Training and online development are notable examples of two such specialist services that were frequently requested and delivered outside our own core service offering.

Originally we assisted our clients in these specialist areas by developing working partnerships and recommending preferred suppliers. However over the years our experience began to suggest that our clients could also benefit greatly from a more integrated solution. The challenge was therefore to retain every aspect of the specialism but also via improved integration into Trinito and our clients' own organisations offer superior performance, efficiency and value for money.

To achieve this, we invested heavily in the right people and resources to offer specialist Trinito solutions in the training (Trinito Training) and programming/online (Trinito Digital) arenas. Both specialist divisions now work with a mix of existing Trinito clients and also with their own clients directly. We feel this success reflects what we originally set out to achieve and in working direct with their own clients it also demonstrates how complete and competitive the solutions now are in their own right.

Trinito Training

Trinito Training was the first of our specialist offerings and primarily supported Trinito's own projects by providing the necessary training for new system implementations. In delivering this service the training division began to receive many requests for professional IT career training. In response to this we expanded our resources and are now pleased to offer hundreds of training courses and exam path certifications for vendors like Cisco, Microsoft and Avaya to name but a few.

To find out more about the suite of IT training solutions offered and all the courses and qualifications please click here.

Trinito Digital

Trinito Digital is the newest inclusion to Trinito's specialist offering. The division offers a broad range of software programming and online development resources to help clients get more from their digital assets and better engage with their employees and market alike.

To find out more about Trinito Digital, the programming languages covered and areas of expertise please click here.

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