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Vendors' own support contracts continue to be a popular way of covering network critical devices and gaining support direct from a vendor's own support team. They are also essential for some devices that require frequent software updates or continuous coverage. Trinito sells thousands of these contracts every year and as a result our contract administration team has developed unrivalled expertise in this area.

Cisco SMARTnet, Juniper J-Care and HP Care Packs are by far the most common of the vendors own support contracts that we offer however we also less frequently supply contracts for many others including: IBM, Force 10 and Sun to name but a few. To get advice on all the vendors we support or obtain a quote for new cover or to renewing an existing contract just ask, as we are always happy to share our experience.

Configuration and advice service

Buying a vendor's own support and maintenance contract can appear complicated especially when not all the service levels are actually offered for each and every device. This is further complicated by understanding what is and isn't covered by the contract on the main chassis itself and whether the device requires continuous cover since first being sold.

Each vendor has their own complex set of rules for creating their service contracts and many of these rules are specific to the individual devices themselves. This means it is inappropriate to generalise our advice so instead we've developed tools like our Cisco SMARTnet support calculator allowing you to easily configure and buy SMARTnet online.

Perhaps the greatest tool we can offer those looking to purchase a vendor support contract is our own experience; after all we've probably already provided cover for device(s) just like your own, so just ask as we are always happy to help.

Vendor support contracts commonly configured and procured :

Looking for better value without compromising performance

Our specialist support solution CoverActive offers a comprehensive range of pre-packaged (CA Core) support packages for individual devices alongside custom build (CA Partner +) managed and co-managed services to support everything from individual devices to large organisations with networks spanning the globe.

The support options and SLA's (Service Level Agreement) offered by CoverActive mirror those being offered by vendors' own support solutions and in some cases actually exceed even the highest SLA available from the vendor. CoverActive pricing is however extremely competitive with virtually everyone being able to save money on their support. For more information on CoverActive and the various options available please click here.

Has your device gone 'end of life' or 'support'?

CoverActive can offer support for many devices which the vendors have decided have entered 'End of Life' or 'End of Support' period. This can be particularly useful if you still rely on the device as an important part of your network and are not yet ready to replace it.

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